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Monday, 28 June 2010

The seaside town they forgot to close down?

Photo credits top row l to r: Midland Hotel, Eric Morecambe, Kite Festival

I used to be convinced that Morrissey was talking about Morecambe in Every day is like Sunday. However, a friend told us that the promenade at Morecambe was an excellent spot for learning to ride bikes, so one sunny Sunday we duly drove down with a boot full of bicycles. And the boot is where they remained.

Wow Morecambe certainly has changed! We spent an exciting morning watching kites fly above the beach in the Catch the Wind Festival and then chilled out with a picnic in the gloriously named Happy Mount Park HPC is an old fashioned park with something for everyone, from Sunday afternoon brassbands, to swingboats and a train for the little ones, and a brand new adventure playground for older kids. On a hot sunny day the whole family can have fun running in and out of the fountains in the aqua park. All in all it was a grand day out for nout!

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  1. Happy Mount Park is amazing! We went to Morecambe last year as our first ever family holiday, and I swear HMP is what really made the whole thing that much more special. The Aqua park was the first one of those I have ever seen, and the two I have seen since then just pale by comparison :)